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Wanhe Filtration's products include oil purification series, gas purification series, water-based purification series, special purification series, and hydraulic system series.



Wanhe Filtration is committed to the manufacture of filtration devices and hydraulic systems widely used in aerospace, coal mining machinery, refrigeration and HVAC, wind power generation, geothermal energy utilization, the petrochemical industry, new energy vehicles, energy storage, biomedical and other industries.



Create better products for customers, create better opportunities for employees, and create greater value for society.

Adhere to the marketing policy of "creating demand and guiding the market", and continuously use innovative products and professional services to better meet customer needs.


Headquarters, China

Contact person: Shelly Fang

Mobile: +86-18937375053


Address: Huwei Road, Xinxiang City, Henan, China. 453000

Tel: +86-373-6307134

Fax: +86-373-5471588

U.S Company Office

Contact person: David Wang

Mobile: +01 248-761-1561


Address: 400 S. Broadway Lake Orion MI 48362