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High Viscosity Lubricating Oil Filter Element

Product details

Product Technical Parameters:

(1) Operating Temperature: -25°C to 110°C

(2) Environmental Temperature: -45°C to 110°C

(3) Working Medium: ISO VG320 Gear Oil

(4) Filtration Precision: Fine filter element 10μm, β10(c) ≥ 400; Safety filter element 50μm (can be customized according to customer requirements)

(5) Filtration Efficiency: ≥99.75%

(6) Oil Cleanliness: Oil initial grade ISO4406 - 19/17/14 (Level 8), After filtration can reach grade ISO4406 - 17/15/12 (Level 6);

(7) Initial Pressure Drop ≤47KPa @ 320cst;

(8) Bypass Valve Opening Pressure: 4bar;

(9) DirtHolding Capacity ≥350g (standard conditions, standard dust test conditions) Note: Different specifications of products have different dirt-holding capacities; this data represents the 1300 filter element only.

Product Features:

(1) Dual-precision filtration ensures that unfiltered oil does not enter various lubrication parts of the gearbox under any circumstances.

(2) Strict selection of filter materials, with filtration precision, dirt-holding capacity, initial pressure drop, weight, structural integrity, and other items tested according to international standards.

(3) 100% bypass valve bypass test to eliminate the phenomenon of bypass valves not opening or opening at zero pressure.

(4) Performance tests are conducted after the filter element is formed to ensure that the filter element meets 100% compliance.

(5) The filter element has reached international standards and can completely replace imported filter elements such as HYDAC and PALL.

Application Range:

The product can be applied to wind turbines from brands such as GE, Gamesa, Siemens, Suzlon, Vestas, United Power, CRRC Wind Power, Far East Wind Power, Shanghai Electric, Mingyang, Dongfang Electric, Huayi, and Huarui.

Standard Features:

(1) Dual-precision filtration

(2) Pressure relief safety valve

Optional Features:

  • Filtration precision options

  • Safety valve opening pressure options

  • Structural size feasibility