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Design Flow Rate 1 to 250m³/h
Design Pressure 1.6MPa
Filtration Precision 10μm to 200μm
Working Medium Water, ethylene glycol, etc.
Operating Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Material 304, 316L, etc.
Product details

Product Technical Parameters:

1、Filtration Precision: 10μm to 200μm

2、Filtration Media: Water, ethylene glycol, etc.

3、Design Pressure: 1.6MPa

4、Design Flow Rate: 1 to 250m³/h

5、Operating Temperature: -40°C to 80°C

6、Material: 304, 316L, etc.

Product Features:

1、Utilizes a corrugated structure for a large filtration area.

2、High filtration precision with large flow capacity.

3、Low initial pressure loss and high dirt-holding capacity.

4、High filter cartridge strength and stability.

5、Equipped with pressure monitoring device for real-time monitoring of filter cartridge status.

6Made of stainless steel, complies with relevant quality standards, and undergoes simulation testing and trial operation before leaving the factory. Easy to disassemble and maintain. Suitable for special operating conditions, requiring only periodic inspection and maintenance.

7、Few easily worn parts, no consumables, low operating and maintenance costs, simple operation and management.

8、Compact and rational structural design, small footprint, and easy and flexible installation and mobility.

Application Range:

1、Various media in cooling systems, such as water, ammonia, ethylene glycol, etc.

2、Corrosive materials in chemical production, such as caustic soda, concentrated and dilute sulfuric acid, carbonates, acetic acid, etc.

3、Low-temperature materials in refrigeration, such as liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen, and various refrigerants.

4、Materials with hygiene requirements in light industry food and pharmaceutical production, such as beer, beverages, dairy products, grain and pharmaceutical supplies, etc.

Standard Features:

1、Conventional physical filtration.

2、Reusable and washable.

3、Equipped with exhaust and drainage functions.

Optional Features:

1、Inlet and outlet specifications can use various standard flanges.

2、Pressure monitoring device.

3、Remote control.

4、Backwash function.