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Automatic Backwash Filter Station

Product details

Equipment Application

This device is mainly used in food processing industry to improve the cleanliness of food processing water. It can filter out solid particles ≥5μm in food processing water, and the filtration efficiency reaches more than 98%. It is equipped with manual and automatic operation functions to realize unattended and remote monitoring.

Equipment Advantages

1、It can effectively filter out the fine solid particles in the food processing water and greatly improve the water quality.

2、It can realize fully automatic operation, remote monitoring, unattended.

3、The core materials are all made of food-grade materials, safe and reliable.

4、The backwashing power unit adopts oil-free air compressor and increases the high-efficiency processing filter to avoid other impurities from entering the filtration system.

5、The system is equipped with pressure monitoring, operation observation, automatic exhaust and other functions to realize overpressure and differential pressure alarm.

6、Electrical control program can realize automatic switching operation of single or multiple filters, which does not affect the automatic operation of the system during maintenance.

7、Using buffer tank to eliminate the impact of water flow generated during backwashing.

8、System is highly integrated, modularized assembly, easy to transport and install.

Equipment parameters

Medium: tap water

Medium temperature570

Flow rate: 0450m³/h

Design pressure: 1.0MPa

Filtration precision: 5μm

Filtration efficiency: 98%

Initial differential pressure: 0.01MPa

System power: <8KW

System voltage: 380V50Hz

Operation mode: touch screen + manualoperation