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Product details

Technical parameters

Filtration medium: collagen originalliquid;

Flow rate: 50L/min;

Filtration precision:, secondary 30μm, residual liquid filtration 40μm;

Design pressure: 1.0MPa;

Number of main filter elements: 11non-standard filter elements φ100×680 in a single tank, 2 residual liquid filters.

Number of filter elements per unit: 1,10-inch filter element;

Interface: DN25 chuck type;

Material: 316L stainless steel;

Pressure gauge and pressure relief port areinstalled at the inlet of 2-stage and residual liquid filters respectively.

Install sight glass and spray ballinsertion port DN25 on the top of 2-stage filter;

Sanitary ball valve is installed on the topof residual liquid filter;