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Die Casting Hydraulic Station

Design Flow Rate 28L/min
Working Medium Water, Ethylene Glycol, Hydraulic Oil, etc.
Motor Power 11KW
Working Pressure 13MPa, Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 21MPa
Motor Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Hand Pump 50cc
Oil Tank Capacity 160L
Product details

Product Technical Parameters:

1 、Working Medium: Water, Ethylene Glycol, Hydraulic Oil, etc.

2 、Working Pressure: 13MPa, Maximum Allowable Working Pressure 21MPa

3 、Design Flow Rate: 28L/min

4 、Motor Power: 11KW

5 、Motor Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

6 、Hand Pump: 50cc

7 、Oil Tank Capacity: 160L

Product Features:

①The product is mainly used in die casting systems to provide power for the reciprocating movement of hydraulic cylinders.

②The system consists of components such as the oil tank, motor pump, valve block, solenoid valves, sensors, hand pump, etc., and has functions like pressure building, pressure holding, pressure release, and self-locking.

③It has oil temperature and oil level monitoring functions.

④It has a manual emergency function.

Application Range:

Die casting hydraulic systems, also suitable for other hydraulic systems.

Standard Features:

①The overall design adopts an integrated design, with a simple structure and portability.

②Carbon steel corrosion-resistant oil tank.

③It can drive the telescopic movement of multiple hydraulic cylinders, each hydraulic cylinder has independent movement, and it has a self-locking function.

④The system is equipped with a safety valve, and the safety pressure is adjustable.

⑤Filters are installed in the pump inlet and return oil lines, with a filtration precision of no less than 20μm in the return oil line, and a bypass function with an opening pressure of 4bar.

⑥It has oil level and oil temperature monitoring functions.

⑦Pressure gauges are installed in various oil lines to display working pressure in real-time.

Optional Features:

①The overall material of the equipment is optional.

②Working pressure and maximum working pressure are optional.

③Design flow rate is optional.

④Oil tank capacity is optional.

⑤Key component brands are optional.

⑥Explosion-proof function is optional.

⑦Filtration precision is optional.