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High Precision Gearbox Flushing Station

Product details

Use of Gear Box Flushing Station

Gear box flushing station is used tocomplete the work of quantitative oil filling, circulating cleaning andquantitative oil pumping for gear box.

It can filter out the residual solidparticles inside the gear box, so that the cleanliness level of the gear boxand the oil can meet the requirements of ISO4406 16/14/11.

At the same time, it can complete thecirculating cleaning work for the self-contained oil tank.


It can automatically carry out thefunctions of oil self-cleaning, quantitative oil injection, gear box cleaningand quantitative oil pumping;

Can clean two gearboxes at the same time,control gearbox steering and speed;

Particle counter data can be read directlywithout offline sampling and testing;

Real-time monitoring of pressure, flow,temperature, granularity and other parameters and alarm;

The side of the tank is reserved formaintenance and slag discharge port, convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

Technical Parameters

Medium: VG320 (or similar high viscositygear oil);

Medium temperature: room temperature (20 ℃)~ 70 ℃;

Maximum flow rate: 500L/min (can be 40L ~500L/min infinitely adjustable);

Oil supply pressure: 0~20bar;

Temperature control accuracy: oil outlettemperature ±2℃;

Fuel tank volume: 500-5000L (customizedaccording to customer requirements);

Noise: ≤80dB;

Operation mode: touch screen + manualoperation;