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Hydraulic Cylinder Test System

Product details

Hydraulic Cylinder Test System

Hydraulic Cylinder Test System

Product technical parameters

①Working medium: 46 # hydraulic oil

② Design pressure: 21MPa

③ Maximum allowable working pressure: 50MPa

④Design flow rate: 10L/min+10L/min

⑤Designed temperature: 60 ℃

⑥ Motor parameters: 4KW, 380V50Hz (2 sets)

⑦ radiator parameters: 100W, 220V50Hz

⑧Tank volume: 300L

Functional characteristics of the product

① The product is mainly used in the hydraulic cylinder or accumulatorpressure test and fatigue test.

② system is mainly composed of tank, motor pump, radiator, valveblock and solenoid valves, sensors and other components, with automaticpressure test, fatigue test, system cooling and other functions.

③ The system test pressure can be up to 45MPa.

Scope of application

①Pressure test and fatigue test ofhydraulic cylinder.

②Pressure test and fatigue test ofaccumulator.

Standard Functions

①Integrated test bench design

②Carbon steel anti-corrosion tank

③Provide double-station test, can test the pressure test of twoproducts at the same time

④With pressure adjustment function to adapt to different pressuretests, the highest pressure can reach 50MPa.

⑤With heat dissipation function

⑥With liquid level and temperature monitoring function

⑦(vii) Alarm function for overpressure,overpressure difference and over temperature.

⑧With double-stage high-precision filtrationfunction

Optional functions

①The overall material of the equipment can be selected

② working pressure and maximum working pressure can be selected

③ Design flow rate can be selected

④Tank volume can be selected

⑤Key components brand can be selected

⑥Explosion-proof function can be selected