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Product details

Work process:

The gear oil is sent to the filter through the gear pump, the solid impurities are intercepted by the filter element, and then flows out from the filter outlet.

The pressure gauge can display the working pressure of the system in real time. When the working pressure of the system is higher than 0.2MPa, the pressure switch will send out an alarm signal, and the system will stop for inspection or replace the filter element.

Equipment advantages:

The filter device is mainly composed of motor, gear pump, filter and filter element, pressure gauge, pressure switch and other components.

The filter element adopts active filter medium, which has high dirt holding capacity and high water absorption capacity.

Gear pump adopts imported gear pump with low displacement and stable performance.

Device parameters:

Filter medium: 150 VG320 gear oil

Design pressure: 0.6MPa

Motor power: 220V50H2, 0.18KW

Alarm pressure: 0.2MPa

Equipment material: carbon steel anti-corrosion

Flow ratePrecisionDirt holding capacityWater absorbing capacityInlet and outlet dimensionsFilter elment size